Sabrent enclosure

Mediasonic ProBox is an enclosure for hard drives, which relates to docking stations and is designed for a stationary use. The Mediasonic docking station supports the mounting of 3. This distinctiveness is primarily due to the availability of four drive slots in the docking station.

Sabrent USB 3.2 Tool-Free NVMe SSD Enclosure Review

The rate of the data transfer via USB 3. The excellent compatibility of this docking station-type HDD enclosure with the popular operating systems is also worth mentioning: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, as well as with Mac OS One of the main features of Mediasonic ProBox docking station is the cooling system, which maintains an optimal temperature of the hard drives during the operation.

The cooling system of this external hard drive enclosure includes a built-in temperature sensor that accurately monitors the installed drives temperature. The cooling system of this HDD enclosure model has two modes, automatic and manual, therefore you can either set the fan speed three levels manually or let the system do it automatically. Another important feature of this Mediasonic hard disk drive enclosure is the availability of the button, by pressing which you can quickly switch between the USB 3.

The power for the station drives is supplied by a separate power adapter supporting the V input voltage. Despite such a large number of the mountable hard drives, this SATA hard drive enclosure has quite a compact size - 8. The case of this HDD enclosure model is rendered in aluminum that provides an excellent protection for the hard disk drive, an effective dissipation of the heat emitted by the HDD, and enables you to use the rack for many years.

The external interfaces list includes the USB 3. This removable hard drive enclosure provides the installation of the drives with a storage capacity of up to 2TB, which, given the compactness and the power supply type of the enclosure, is probably the optimal option.

As for the peak data transfer rate, the rates are high enough: 5. This theoretical maximum is 10 times the maximal data transfer rate that the USB 2. The first notable feature of the device is the support of the sleep mode on MiniPro CB3-BK single-hard-drive enclosure, entering which makes it possible for the device to cut down the power consumption of the hard drive connected by decreasing its spindle rotation speed.

Moreover, the device offers the backward compatibility with the USB 2. The power for the hooked up drives is provided via the USB port, which is a very practical solution.

However, if required, you can resort to the option of the power supply from a dedicated power adapter or via the FireWire cable used for connecting the HDD enclosure to a PC. In this regard, this compact HDD enclosure is a very versatile one. The dimensions of the rack ensure its high compactness and convenience, the dimensions are mere 4. The EC-DFLT HDD enclosure case is made of a structurally strong plastic material that maintains a good mechanical protection of the mounted drive as well as provides an excellent corrosion resistance.

One of the big advantages this SATA drive enclosure offers is the unlimited capacity of the connected drive, which, as the manufacturer website states, enables installing the hard drives with more than 8TB storage space. The external interface-conditioned peak data transfer rates supported are 5. You will unlikely run into any compatibility difficulties when using this hard disk enclosure as it supports such Windows family operating systems as WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.

The peculiarities of this hard drive enclosure include the drive hot swapping for a quick HDD change without shutting the system down. Regarding the HDD enclosure dimensions, they bring the portability and ensure a convenient use of the device.

The device outer dimensions are 7. Nowadays many PC users frequently encounter the problem of accidental deletion of important data and files from their PC data storage. Today we would like to describe 3 simple methods how to recover your lost data. Anker USB 3. According to the manufacturer, this hard disk drive enclosure provides an excellent real-time data protection.Overall Review: The enclosure met my expectations for the most part.

It stopped powering on a little over a year of use. I only deducted one egg due to the fact this enclosure was in use almost 24x7. Pros: 1.

sabrent enclosure

Fan keeps HDD cool and quiet for now 2. Cons: 1. Handle with care because painting is easily scratched. Pros: Okay as enclosures go. I would rate it fairly high while it was working, but it failed after 4 mos. Cons: I got an RMA via email. First I am told, "You must re-package any item s being returned as it was delivered to you, with all components, materials and documentation.

But, I must return the unit first. I requested Sabrent send a replacement and charge my credit card if the failed unit was not returned — very common practice.

Sabrent customer service?? I'll not bother with an RMA and just go elsewhere - plus tell you folks to beware of Sabrent. Overall Review: I got the impression Sabrent is just an importer, offering little service otherwise. I don't know how Newegg approves suppliers, but this one may need a 2nd look.

Cons: -Questionable reliability, reading previous reviews and with my experience of SATA power connector burnout after two months of extremely light use. Pros: Well it does work in the sense that the hard drive will show up in windows. What's the point of shelling out the extra 7 bucks for a active cooling enclosure if the fan is broken? NO point. I can't get across how disappointed I am that I received NO response despite filling out all the necessary garbage on their website requesting a new fan.

Overall Review: I hope there is a manufacturer response to this providing a way to get me a new fan for an otherwise decent product. Easy to place drive inside enclosure, 4 screws to remove side panel, and 4 screws holds drive inside enclosure. Great enclosure at a fair price. As with any external drive, be careful not to knock it over while in use. Includes everything needed to make a great external backup drive, even a small screwdriver.

I purchased a 2TB Western Digital Black Performance hard drive drive has a 5 yr warranty for my enclosure, to make an external backup drive that will rival any commercial retail product. This gives me a more reliable, longer lasting drive, for a little less money. Would not hesitate buying another if the need arises. When one of our Sabrent enclosures developed a fan problem, I found in another review that the fan is a standard 80x80x10 mm fan that can be replaced.

The fan snaps into a bracket and can be replaced. I also read another review that said he used TryFlow Lube which quieted his fan. I had some LubeGel, so I tried some and the fan is running fine again.

Pros: Solid construction.

Uses real screws and not some flimsy tool-less nonsense. Comes with decent instructions and such. Also includes a stand to mount it on its side for better airflow. It came with a screwdriver. That's a cheap little touch you don't see much anymore.The Sabrent USB 3. As its name indicates, the enclosure is highlighted by its tool-less design, allowing users to easily swap out M. Its USB 3. Though the enclosure is still compatible with both USB 3. This build makes it inherently optimized for heat dissipation without the need of a fan.

Coupling this with zero moving parts, this is a very silent, reliable device that can take a beating while remaining cool on heavy usage. To install an M. The ring is a bit heavy for its use case, so you really have to put some force into it.

It would have been nice if the latch was a light and easy to maneuver.

Sabrent EC-UASP Specification & User Manual

The enclosure features a handy magnetic screw that sits firmly in place when securing the M. You can easily move it to four different slots, depending on the size of your SSD. One of the main lures of this enclosure is the tool-less design for quick and easy installation, so we were disappointed with this extra assembly step we had to take in order to get it to work.

Nonetheless, once the SSD is secured in place, put the cover back on, twist the circle key, and your good to go. We were also going to use the BlackMagic benchmarking software for testing; however, we were unable to get the enclosure working on our MacBook Pro.

sabrent enclosure

Sabrent indicates that their enclosure fully supports Mac OS, but we had no luck getting it to work after trying everything for several hours even after contacting support.

This might be due to insufficient compatibility testing before it hit the market. Regardless, for IOMeter, we first looked at 2MB sequential with both 1 and 4 thread, the latter which is a higher load that pushes the drive a bit more.

Here, Sabrent enclosure posted In comparison, the Samsung T7 reached Moreover, the Samsung Touch saw When looking at 2MB random speeds, the Sabrent enclosure posted For the comparables, the T7 recorded The T7 Touch recorded It also features a neat method to securing SSDs in place via magnets, which can easily be moved into different slots depending on which M. It worked very well.

Highlights include: Though it performed well in our tests, we did find a few issues that are worth mentioning. Sabrent indicated that this is a tool-less enclosure when adding and removing drives; however, we had to literally unscrew the board and move it into a position so we could fully connect the SSD to the pins.

We will certainly update this review if are are able to get it working.Pros: Has a nice finish and looks clean in the case. The 'action' of inserting and removing drives is really nice. Cons: There are proprietary molex power cables which have a lead coming of them for separate power connection to power the activity leads, and a sata for connection to the drive bay.

I've never seen this before with ANY hot-swap unit I've installed. Most just get power directly from the sata cable. Pros: Slick little device. Gets a bit warm, but that's not so bad on a wintry day. Fast enough. Handy and comes with its own two-headed USB cable, screws and a just-for-it-sized mini phillips head screwdriver, which itself is worth the cost. Nice cozy tight fit, like a black aluminum glove with a mini IDE connector on it. And a USB port. And two screws. Ok, so maybe it isn't like a glove.

For a hard drive? Maybe more like a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag with a mini IDE connector Cons: If you're a color freak, be prepared. In the right light, it isn't quite black, but a dark, evil-looking green. Like the dark green that Shinzon would dig. Otherwise, no complaints. Remove the mounting bracket around it so that it will fit in this. Fits the standard laptop hard drive species. Pros: good for adding storage. Has a standard rather than micro usb connector which means it will last longer through plug-unplug cycles.

Cons: none aside from the hdd not being held in place by anything but the ide connector. Overall Review: most external enclosures use micro usb or mini usb, which can break off from the circuit board relatively easlly rendering them useless. Pros: ok, this is an aluminum enclosure, with a 2 headed USB cable.Having reviewed both the Rocket XTRM and Nano, it's time to get to their DIY solution for those that want a simple device to utilize a drive you have sitting in a drawer.

The USB 3. It takes advantage of a tool-less mount that utilizes a unique magnet design to hold the drive securely. It features a full aluminum body that aids with the design with a sandblasted exterior, and also heat dissipation. The enclosure is compatible with both Windows and macOS. The packaging offers a good amount of information about the enclosure, including system requirements and features. Taking a closer look at the enclosure, you can see the sandblasted look they are going for in this image.

Sabrent uses a JMicron chipset for this. To the right, you can see the unique tool-less design in use with a magnetic pin that drops into the slots to secure the drive.

sabrent enclosure

The quality of the Sabrent NVMe enclosure is genuinely second to none. I can't think of another enclosure I've had come through that is as well built as this. The choice of materials, including the thickness of the aluminum, offers the increased protection you need for small form factor drives, such as NVMe.

The Sabrent USB 3. Sabrent has a fantastic solution in the USB 3. Growing up in a small farm town, tech wasn't around, unless it was in a tractor. At an early age, Tyler's parents brought home their first PC. Tyler was hooked and learned what it meant to format a HDD, spending many nights reinstalling Windows Tyler's love and enthusiast nature always kept his PC nearby.

Eager to get deeper into tech, he started reviewing. USB Drives. Sabrent USB 3. We may earn an affiliate commission. Read about TweakTown's awards! Tyler Bernath Growing up in a small farm town, tech wasn't around, unless it was in a tractor. If any company representative wishes to respond, we will publish the response here. Please contact us if you wish to respond.I want to thank your team for doing an exceptional job in developing the website of our company.

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The support they provide is first class.

sabrent enclosure

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